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  • VST Research Dymetadrine D30+ 60 Caps


    The world famous Dymetadrine D30+ are without doubt one of the strongest, most effective T5 weight loss & energy boosting supplement on the market. They are now back as strong and as effective as everProduct Description Do not accept cheap imitations claiming to be genuine VST Research Dymetadrine D30+. Dymetadrine D30+ will give you a massive increase in energy and aid weight loss. We can guarantee these will increase energy, decrease your appetite with a powerful fat burning effect. Dymetadrine D30+ For Extreme Energy Take 1-2 capsule prior to exercise or times that required increase energy & focus. Dymetadrine 30+ For Weight Loss Take 1-2 capsule immediately upon waking on an empty stomach do this for 3 days to test tolerance then introduce 1-2 capsules 6-8 hours after the morning capsule. never exceed 4 capsules in 24 hours and never take 2 capsules in 1 serving. For The Best Fat Burning Cycle of your life: Take 2 Capsules On An Empty Stomach 30 Minutes Prior To Breakfast With A Large Glass Of Water. If You Want An Insanely Energized Workout Take 30 Minutes Prior To Your Training Session (Max 2 Caps Per Day) WARNING: This Product Is Extremely Strong So Assess Your Tolerance By Only Taking One Capsule On The

  • VST Research Dymetadrine T5 Energy


    Massive boost to energy levels Increased energy expenditure Appetite control Dymetadrine T5 is the most popular energy product ever, works from the very first cap you take.

  • VST Research Nitro-Rage Pre Workout


    Nitro Rage pre workout formula is designed to give you that edge before training, the ultimate boost from VST Research. Nitro Rage helps you secure the pump and major focus during the workout.


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