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SA Nutrition Vaccine OCS


Vaccine (on cycle support) 90 capsules

Liver Protection

Blood Pressure aid

Prostate Support



Its time for your medication ! The new bench mark for on cycle support has been set ! Vaccine by SA Nutrition ! We know the importance of keeping your body in check. Vaccine was formulated with one thing mind…complete organ health. We understand the strain you put your body through to be the best you can. This is the reason why Vaccine packs serious amounts of pharma grade ingredients to help keep you in top condition. Vaccine is a mixture of 11 of the top proven ingredients. We have created possibly the best OCS on the market. Vaccine not only helps keep your liver and kidneys healthy it also helps keep your heart in check. Vaccine is a must if running a cycle of pro-hormones/sarms as it will help protect your organs from any side effects. Vaccine can also be used by none gym go-ers and people looking to improve health in day to day life keeping your organs healthy and ready for action.

Nutrition information

serving size: 3 capsules,servings per tub: 30

Typical Values                                                                            per 3 capsule serving

Artichoke                                                                                     1000mg

N-A-Cysteine                                                                              500mg

Saw Palmetto                                                                             300mg

Tumeric root                                                                               200mg

Milk Thistle                                                                                 200mg

Chicory root                                                                               200mg

Grapeseed                                                                                100mg

Celery seed                                                                              100mg

Ginger root                                                                                  50mg

Benfotiamine                                                                              50mg

White peony extract                                                                  25mg

Ingredients- artichoke,N-A-cysteine,saw palmetto,tumeric root,milk thistle,chicory root,grapeseed extract,celery seed,ginger root powder,benfotiamine,white peony extract,cellulose powder,magnesium stearate,geletin capsule shell.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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