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SD Matrix


STRONGEST PH on the Market


STRONGEST PH on the Market and the full course of 90 caps (DON’T BUY THE WEAKER 60 CAP VERSION) There 100% FAKE and we discontinued 3 years ago!!! It is important to remember that SD Matrix is a very powerful and potent supplement, so it is important that you take it responsibly and as directed. It is recommended that you take one capsule twice a day with food. Also, it is important to protect your liver when taking this supplement, as it can put stress on this major organ. With this in mind, it is highly advisable to use a liver detoxing product such as PH Formulations Milk Thistle alongside your cycle of SDMatrix. Milk Thistle, taken from a plant, contains the primary ingredient Silymarin, which is both an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. When the Silymarin is digested it has been shown to promote and stimulate new liver cell growth and aids in repairing damaged liver cells. Milk Thistle is best taken with a meal. OVER 21’s ONLY As far as getting the most benefit out of SD Matrix, it is important and recommended that you take it in cycles. Cycling refers to taking a particular product for a certain length of time and then taking a break from it in order for the body to get rid of waste and for your hormone levels to stabilise. The human body is very adaptive and if taken regularly for long enough the body will start getting use to the product, which will cause it to start losing it’s effectiveness. For best results, a cycle of 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off is recommend. If this is your first time taking a pro-hormone it is recommended to start out with a lower dosage, assess your tolerance to the compound and slowly increase it to the desired range. For new users to the product, we would recommend a dosage of: FREE FIRST CLASS POSTAGE Week 1 – Beginner: 10mg / per day Experienced User: 20mg / per day Week 2 – Beginner: 20mg / per day Experienced: 30mg / per day Week 3 – Beginner: 20mg / per day Experienced: 30mg / per day Week 4 – Beginner: 20mg / per day Experienced: 30mg / per day Taking your selected dosage of SD Matrix along with a simultaneous dosage of fish or flax seed oil can enhance absorption. Drinking plenty of water is also advised. SAME DAY DISPATCH if ordered before 1pm A PCT should be started immediately after your SD Matrix cycle comes to an end. A cycle should typically last between 4 – 6 weeks depending upon your body type.

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